Sample Collection - DNA

DNA Sample Collection In ENGLISH

DNA Sample Collection In TAMIL

DNA Sample Collection In HINDI

Performing Test

Read and understand the instruction below and collect al supplies before proceeding. For paternity testing, one envelope for Father and one envelope for child, and if the mother is available for testing, take for other envelope. For all other types of tests, the appropriate envelope will be provided. Packages of sterile swabs are attached to each specimen envelope (2 swabs in total for each individual). Do not collect samples immediately after brushing, eating, smoking or breast feeding (wait at least one hour).

  1. Complete the “Patient Information and Consent form” for each individual. Perform the collection of buccal swab samples from only one individual at a time.
  2. Wash and dry hands thoroughly.
  3. Carefully peel apart the sleeve containing the sterile buccal swab. Remove buccal swab carefully, holding the swab by the stick.
  4. Scrape and rotate the swab vigorously on the inside of the right cheek of the appropriate individual for 15 seconds.
  5. Immediately after collecting the cheek cells, place the swabdirectly into theappropriateenvelope.Repeat for remaining swab, this time collecting from the left cheek. After bath swabs are collected for the individual;, allow the swabs to dry inside the envelope at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. After the swabs are completely dry, seal and label the envelope.
  6. If more than one individual is tested, collect buccal cells from next individual by repeating steps 2 to 5 using the appropriateenvelope and swabs
  7. After completing the collections, double check to ensure that the information has been correctly filled in on the front of the specimens together with the completed Consent Form directly to the laboratory for testing using the pre-addressed envelope provided in the kit.


  1. Collect the sample from only one individual at a time. Complete the collection for one individual before proceeding with the next collection.
  2. DNA stores best in the dried form. After sample collection, remember to allow the swabs to dry completely at room temperature inside the envelope before sealing the envelope.
  3. Ensure that soothers, Fingers, and toys are kept away from the mouth for at least 30 minutes prior to sample collection.
  4. Always hold the swabs by the stick. Do not touch the tip of the swab.
  5. Ensure that you have filled in the required information on the Specimen Envelope and signed the Consent Form.
  6. Buccal cells are collected by rubbing the swabs against the inside of the cheek (not the tongue, or gums).
  7. Once the samples are collected, the dried samples can be stored at room temperature for up to 3 months. However, it is recommended that the samples be returned to the laboratory for analysis as soon as possible after sample collection. The samples must be sent to the laboratory within 3 months of your initial order date.