Non Invasive Prenatal Chromosome Test

About :

"Highly accurate, Comprehensive results you can trust"

Our Country is developed in all the angles and a good news that we have launched NON - INVASIVE PRENATAL TESTING IN INDIA for chromosomal defects.

Detecting the following:

  • Trisomy 21
  • Trisomy 18
  • Trisomy 13
  • Monosomy X
  • Triploidy
  • Also, covers Patau's and Edward's Syndrome

Sample to be collected :
20 ml Mother's peripheral Blood as early as nine weeks gestation. Cost -- only 45,500 /-

Samples for a DNA test are routinely collected using the painless and simple buccal swab, similar to a cotton-tipped swab, The swab is rubbed against the inside cheek of the test participant, and loose cheek cells adhere to the swab. Unlike regular cotton swabs, Pur-Wraps® provides a consistent surface for sample collection and DNA extraction.

How to send it

on ordering we will send the sample collection kit to you , which will reach you in 3 days anywhere in India. The kit will consist of test tube for the collection of the mother’s blood. On Collection of the blood you may call us and we will arrange the pick up at your location. (This is only in certain areas in India)

Time for the report :
you can receive the report within 10 days from the samples are collected by the pick up guys.

Why do the test with Advanced Health Care.

  1. Trisomy 21
  2. To know the health of the baby in the mother’s womb.
  3. Hassel free , mother has to give only her 20 ml of the blood
  4. No hurt to the baby or mother
  5. Samples after collection are collected from your locations. So no need send by yourself.
  6. Save time and money

See that your baby is normal in your womb when you carry them.

Details :-

  • State-of-the-art central laboratory with latest technology platforms-real Time PCR, Sanger, Next Generation sequencing
  • Comprehensive test menu covering common genetic ailments
  • Single gene, panels, Whole exome, Whole genome and NIPT
  • Validated genetic assays and simplified reporting
  • Collaboration with premier medical centers for development of disease specific panels
  • Nationwide network for easy sample logistics & support

Important information:

  • This test is only for SINGLETON PREGNANCIES
  • This test cannot be done for patients who have used an egg donor or surrogate, or have a confirmed multiple gestation
  • This lab does not determine the sex of the fetus