Infidelity DNA Test

  Infidelity DNA Testing is a new service from advanced DNA designed to help you confirm or dispel any suspicions you may have about your partners’ fidelity. Through our DNA testing for Infidelity services, we are able to analyse your samples in our laboratory to verify the presence of human biological stains and to assist in the identification of the likely donors.

What Samples can be Analysed for DNA?
  • At advanced DNA, we can test many Non-Standard Samples at a range of very competitive prices. To understand more about Non-Standard Samples and the success rate of DNA extraction
  • The samples we receive for DNA Infidelity Testing varies from case to case, however, the most common items seem to be hair, underwear, bed sheets, tissues and condoms. Testing can, however, be applied to any sample suspected to have biological material on it.
  • The most important factor affecting the success rate of DNA extraction is the quality of the sample. The less contaminated the sample is, the more likely it will that a DNA profile can be obtained. Although we have high rates of success in DNA extraction, we cannot ever guarantee a 100% success rate. The sample might also not contain any DNA in the first instance.s